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Google Shuts Down after the Death of Michael Jackson


After the first information about the death of Michael Jackson started invading the Internet, with millions of users attempting to verify the accuracy of the given rumors, the number one search engine, Google, decided to shut down.

The web giant explained that when the first news about the death of Michael Jackson broke, it feared that it might be under attack from hi-tech criminals and came up with a decision to shut down for half an hour.

It is worth mentioned that among the uses from the United States, 36 out of top 100 search results on Google referred to the death of the pop star. Google's action can be considered as a defense mechanism. The company's news section reacted to requests for information about the pop star with coded text.

After the information about the death of Michael Jackson was confirmed, being also provided here at, the popular social networking website Twitter had been shut down for some time when users rushed to pay respect to Jackson. The analyst instrument Twist showed that 22.6 percent of all messages of Twitter were about the king of pop.

"We saw an instant doubling of tweets per second the moment the story broke. It is the biggest jump in tweets per second since the US presidential election," mentioned Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. It is worth mentioning that long before the death of Michael Jackson, 9 out of 10 most popular topics referred to the singer.

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