Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2011 Technology

Google's Street View Team Travels to the Amazon River


Google's Street View team plans to travel to South America and take 360-degree images of the most interesting remote regions of the Amazon River.

The project represents a part of Google's initiative with Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS), a non-profit organization.

According to Gabriel Ribenboim, the charity's project manager, this initiative will allow FAS to inform people worldwide about the problems of the region, especially issues linked with massive deforestation.

Google's team will take a journey down the Amazon River and the Rio Negro River in northwest Brazil. Due to the fact that the actual streets are rather narrow and difficult for Google's bulky Street View vehicle to cross, the Silicon Valley giant will use its handy "trike".

Picture will be taken not only from the trikes but also from the installations mounted on boats floating down the river, reports TG Daily.

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