Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 Technology

GoogleTV - Surf the Internet and Watch TV on One Screen


Recently the Silicon Valley giant, Google, presented a television that makes it possible for users to switch from the Internet to TV. Dubbed simply GoogleTV, the new service allows people to access Facebook and watch clips on YouTube on the same screen.

To be able to switch to the TV or Internet users have to have a special box and remote control, which were developed by Google in collaboration with Sony, Logitech and Intel. Besides, those who choose to have GoogleTV will also benefit from a wireless keyboard.

Users that have HDTV sets will be able to obtain the new service by acquiring a set-top box. It is expected that the TV will hit the American market this autumn. Currently no information on the price was provided.

Google demonstrated its new software in San Francisco where software developers participated in a conference, reports DailyMail.

According to the results of research on consumer habits, a lot of people choose to surf the Internet while watching television, but previously, different companies like Yahoo and Apple failed to deliver both services on one screen.

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