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GPS-equipped Bracelet to Alarm Friends When You're in Trouble


PFO is a new line of special bracelets that were built to help people in case of street harassment.

Each bracelet from the line is equipped with a GPS defense system. It is worth mentioning that the authors of the idea are Oscar Magnuson and Efva Attling. Elcoteq is the company that decided to produce the bracelets.

The bracelets resemble jewelry, being made of 6 blocks. Within each bracelet there's a GPS device, which, when the user pulls the bracelet down, transmits a tracking signal and an alarm to the wearer's friends. The latter can call back to check whether the person wearing the bracelet is in danger.

In case the user doesn't pick up, friends can see his/her exact position with the help of the PFO app on their smartphone or computer.

The user can choose to set the bracelet in a way so it would send an alarm signal to the security company G4S. The firm will then attempt to call back and ask about the situation. In addition, G4S will ask for password. Even if the user forgot the password, the company would send a team to the wearer's location.

Currently no word on price has been given. The bracelet will be available for pre-order starting this July.

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