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Harmony Link from Logitech Transforms iOS and Android Devices into a Universal Remote


Logitech has recently presented the most recent addition to its Harmony line of accessories - the Harmony Link. To use the device, one must have a home WiFi network, an iOS or Android-running gadget and the Logitech Harmony Link App that can be downloaded for free.

It is worth mentioning that previous the line included mostly remote controls, but with Harmony Link the company allows owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android-running devices to use their smartphones as remote controls for up to 8 different home-entertainment gadgets. There's one little condition for transforming a handset into an R/C - the WiFi has to be always on.

Logitech says that its Harmony Link App features an activity-based interface that is optimized to allow users to make use of swipes and taps in order to control the television set without glimpsing the remote.

To put is simple - the Harmony Link represents a Wi-Fi radio linked to 5 infrared LEDs that transmit and collect data to and from the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad and Android. Everything a user does is controlled by the free application available in the App Store or Android Market.

The device is compatible with iOS 4.0-based or Android 2.x WiFi-enabled handsets. The Harmony Link can be pre-ordered for U.S.-based customers. It wears a price tag of $99.99 and will hit the stores this October.

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