Thursday, 08 Sep, 2011 Technology

HAV - Airships for Quick and Efficient Delivery of Goods to Remote Regions


A newly-established firm decided to focus its attention on building helium-fueled airships that can deliver heavy loads more efficiently and in a short amount of time.

The blimps can be used to transport for example a container of milk or orange juice, which are very precious goods in remote areas. It could become an efficient and less expensive means of transportation, says Discovery Air Innovations.

Recently the company teamed up with Hybrid Air Vehicles to create a hybrid air vehicle (HAV) able to lift heavy loads. The first airship is expected to be produced by 2014. It would be an ultra-light flying vehicle able to carry about 50 tons. In addition, the vehicle will be able to take off and land from virtually any time of surface, be it water, snow or ice.

It would be worth mentioning that the HAV is fueled by non-flammable helium, which means that it is going to used much less energy than traditional aircrafts, reports FastCompany.

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