Tuesday, 19 Feb, 2008 Technology

HD DVD Lost the War Against Blu-ray, Toshiba Gave Up


Blu-ray HD DVD The officials from Toshiba Corporation on Tuesday announced that the Japanese company would stop the campaign meant to promote its HD DVD format for the follow-up generation DVD. The statement was made after Toshiba lost the support of some of the main studios and retailers, who had chosen Blu-ray technology, which is backed by Sony Corporation.

Thus Toshiba's decision ends the war between the competing consortiums, letting Sony set its standard for high-definition movies on DVDs.

Toshiba's representatives stated that the company would start reducing the deliveries of HD DVD players and recorders. The Japanese firm looks forward to end the business by the end of the following month.

The victory of Blu-ray over HD DVD format literally means that consumers won't have to choose between two incompatible formats.

One format on the market is believed to boost the shift to the new-generation technology in the home DVD market, the transactions of which are currently estimated at $24 billion.

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