Thursday, 25 Mar, 2010 Technology

High-Tech Digital Wall Installed at HP's Headquarters


Hewlett Packard has recently finished the installation of a digital wall that can play two roles: serve as a nice-looking modern room divider or become a large-screen digital TV.

To be able to make the glittering shells, Tronic, a New York-based firm, decided to create 60 feet of resistant fiberglass panels. The latter were made using computer numeric controlled (CNC) milling techniques.

According to Tronic co-founder Vivian Rosenthal, the installation, entitled Manifold, was developed to serve as a piece that "transcends technology and creates an experience that embraces the new."

It is possible to rotate the panels in different directions, thus the panels can create a singular architectural effect or one huge TV wall. It is also possible to produce a mix of the two.

The video wall is a beautiful architectural element; it enriches the HP headquarters in Palo Alto and provides a nice transition between the public lobby area and the company's workplace.

"The combination of sculpture and animation in the piece allows visitors' perceptions to change as a function of time, use, and other external influences," says Rosenthal. You can watch the video of the wall on Tronic's official website.

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