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High-Tech Seesaw Equipped with LEDs Offers Fun Physics Lesson


ENESS is a design group with headquarters in Melbourne that managed to come up with a seesaw equipped with hundreds of LED lights along with a physics engine that allows studying the forces at work on the playground staple.

Dubbed "A Tilt of Light", the seesaw has be equipped with 33 rows of LEDs that respond in real time to the movement and angle of the lever as kids ride the playground apparatus up and down.

It would be interesting to note that the seesaw was mounted at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia, and it represents a part of a lighting festival dubbed The Light in Winter.

It might look simple on the outside, but inside, however, the device is much more complicated. Each lighting section, from the 33 that were included between the seats of the seesaw, features LEDs and can be light up independently.

The accelerometers and balls of light make it possible for users to see how their motions would impact and control other objects on the beam. The seats found at the back of the seesaw have another 180 LEDs, which twinkle when the "objects" would have left the beam.

In addition, the built-in physics engine allows users to see how their "'ball of light" that illustrates different physical balls would be influenced by being in one of four different environments - air, water, space and yogurt. That's right, yogurt. If the user clicks one of four buttons prior to the rocking, the LED sections react as though they are crossing the selected atmosphere.

The seesaw will be available for anyone in the period between June 1st and July 1st.

[via ENESS]

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