Tuesday, 27 Apr, 2010 Technology

HP Creates Motion-Sensitive Game System for PC


Considering the continuously gaining popularity of the motion-sensitive controllers on the gaming market, Hewlett Packard decided to create its own gaming controller for the PC.

Recently the company launched its Swing real-life gaming system for PC in India, where HP packs it along with its Pavilion computers. There is currently no information on whether the system will be available separately.

It is worth mentioning that the Swing system comes with pre-packaged software similar to Wii Sports, making it possible to the users to play basketball, baseball and bowling by swinging the controller.

The Gameguru.in reports that the motion-sensitive game system is able to detect the entire body motions, compared to other motion controllers that track only the movement of the user's hand. The company did not say a word regarding the launch of its new product in outside markets… yet.

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