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HTC Flyer - New Tablet from the Taiwanese Company Officially Presented


This week the Taiwanese company HTC unveiled its new tablet. The presentation took place at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. According to the company, at the moment its device is the most competitive on the emerging market.

However, today a lot of companies claim that their product is among the best, be it because their device is the first to run Android 3.0, the first to show 3D content without special glasses or the first that boasts 4G connectivity.

Despite the fact that HTC Flyer does not bring something innovative, it still boasts a number of impressive features. One of them is the 1.45 GHz processor, which is currently the most powerful on the market.

Besides, the tablet can run applications in a split-screen mode. This is very convenient since the user can have a browser opened on one half of the display, where they can read about a specific restaurant, while the other half is used for Google Maps to find the restaurant.

It is worth mentioning that HTC Flyer is a tablet that runs Android 2.4, which is currently the latest version of the software used in majority of the devices.

In addition, the tablet comes with a stylus, which is something new for such devices. The Flyer is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2011.

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