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Huge Airport on Water For San Diego


Because the metropolitan area of San Diego houses about 3 million people, the city's airport is just too crowded. Having this is mind, OceanWorksDevelopment decided to design a new airport that would be situated off the coast of San Diego, on the Pacific Ocean. A team of 40 specialists have been working on the development of the project.

The company mentioned that the new international airport is a $20 billion business plan. OceanWorksDevelopment has even put in the world's first claim with federal government for airport rights to a territory of 40,000 square miles of the Pacific.

According to the design, the new airport will be situated on a floating platform. The latter will be permanently anchored in water 13 miles off the coast of San Diego. Under the roof of the new superstructure, the designers plan to have 200 million sq. ft. of space that will be given for rent for hotels, restaurants and free trade zones, informs The Infrastructurist.

In addition, the airport will generate renewable energy from wind, waves and ocean currents. To bring the passengers to the airport, the company decided to create an underwater light rail connection or use several fast transportation ships.

The structure will also include a renewably powered desalination plant that will transform ocean water into drinking water.

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