Thursday, 01 Mar, 2007 Technology

Humanoids continue invading


The 21st century is not the time, when people can be easily impressed, this can be refered to another, whether weird or wise, invention of the Japanese, that is a humanoid robot.

On the other hand the most impressive thing is that people are still striving to create somebody, or something, to resemble themselves.

This game has ended up in a demonstration of bots to help the aging population of Japan in their everyday needs, including: serving the evening tea, cleaning dishes and sweeping dust.

This presentation housed a range of "individuals", as for example a robot "trained" to serve drinks to its master; or the bot that continuously 'keeps an eye' on the human, to catch the special movements of the body, which are subsequently transformed into commands and operations.

All this series of futuristic 'Robots' is a cooperation of the University of Tokyo and Kawada Industries Inc.

The trend of creating humanoids can lead one to the thought that in about 15 years people will be surrounded by an army of drones, which will try to help in everything, maybe in something you don't even want to be helped with. In another 15 years, all this androids will have 100% functional intellects and information more than we can handle.

Or maybe it is not so dramatic?

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