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Hydrogen Powered Gadgets Presented at Solar and Fuel Cell Exposition in Tokyo


The capital of Japan housed a number of companies that presented their latest inventions in technology, but not just any technology. The exposition, entitled PV & FC Expo 2009 , held at Tokyo Bog Sight, host the largest show of photovoltaic (solar cells) and fuel cell technology, bringing together companies and investors.

Among the most impressive inventions on the exposition there was the dancing hydrogen-powered robot along with her robot dog companion.

Despite the fact that there are still debates regarding the possibility of hydrogen economy, the number of visitors, as well as the commercial interest at the exposition shows that hydrogen economy will definitely become an element of a future sustainable economy.

Among other latest inventions at the FC Expo 2009, there was Yamaha's FC-dii hydrogen fuel cell motorbike. It can be powered either by fuel cell, which uses methanol, or by external li-ion battery.

Several hydrogen powered gadgets were presented at the exposition by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. One of them was a hydrogen powered assisted-drive bicycle. Currently its price is $4,600. The bicycle features hydrogen packs that generate power when needed. These packs can be recharged.

In addition, there were a number of hydrogen powered toys along with fuel cell/energy generation learning kits, such as the H-racer 2.0, which is rather pricey, $120, but it features a solar cell and a "hydrogen station."

The popular Japanese company Kawasaki was not left unnoticed. It presented its fuel cell light rail concept.

Many consider that hydrogen represents one of the few practical options to substitute natural gas and oil for means of transport. It can be produced using solar, wind or wave power, as well as from biogas.

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