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If Google is 'BigBrother', then YES - BigBrother watches You!


A recent discussion thread on WebmastersWorld has drawn some attention as another new feature from Google was suspected have appeared... or maybe it was just another test.

The thing is that a private pilot and a user on WebmasterWorld said that he was currently working on his site for some time now and he noted that some of the targeted ads from Google are too precise, i.e. they were not even closely related to the theme of the site they appeared on, yet they were highly relevant to the user, as what they advertised was 'commercial pilot' or 'helicopter pilot' (a mere coincidence?).

This situation requires some questions to be answered, and, to be more specific: Is Google really watching us that close? Or was it the browsing history, as the user mentioned that he is very interested in sites, relevant to his job? Was it the Google Toolbar, which kept trace of his interests?

As a matter of fact, another user on the same thread reported a situation where a person had both his high speed Internet connection and the cable TV from the same service provider. After some time surfing the web he thought the TV was showing targeted ad, guided by the things he was searching for on the web earlier that day.

If this is true and not just a paranoia in its initial phase, this could mean some controversial things, i.e. a profit raise for site owners and webmasters or, on the other hand, the fact that our Internet habits are being tracked down, archived and then being used for some third parties' benefit. Yet, if the ads are SO targeted, we, simple Internet users, will benefit a bit too, as the ads will not be neglect so much. And again! This is only a supposition.

Have YOU noticed any changes with the ads on the pages you visited?

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Original thread on WebmasterWorld

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