How the Internet Affects You
[01 Oct, 2013] comments (29)
Without doubt Internet is one of the greatest inventions of human kind, giving us w myriad of wonderful things, among which email, social networks and cute cats. But the coin has two sides. ...
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[01 Oct, 2013] comments (26)

How the Internet Influences You

The Interior of the Spacesuit
[05 Aug, 2013] comments (4)

Have you ever thought how a real spacesuit looks on the inside? Even if not, you should.

Latest Invention: Cortex Cast - New-Gen 3-D Printed Cast to Help Heal Broken Bones?
[05 Jul, 2013] comments (1)
The graduate of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, decide to use 3-D printing to create a user friendly lightweight cast. ...
Latest Invention: Tech that Allows Hearing Ads When Leaning Your Head Against the Window
[03 Jul, 2013] comments (3)
Recently a German company decided to display adverts with the help of train windows. The interesting thing about the new type of advertisement is that the sound will appear to come from inside of the passenger's head when they lean against these windows. ...
Latest Invention: World's Fastest Cat Robot
[18 Jun, 2013] comments (2)
A team of Swiss researchers managed to come up with a cute cat-like robot that can run very fast. ...
Latest Invention: Flying Bike
[14 Jun, 2013] comments (2)
If you were in Prague you had the chance to see the debut of the world's first flying bicycle that took place on June 12. ...
Hackers Can Gain Access to Your Webcam via Web-Browser
[14 Jun, 2013] comments (2)
Recently it has been (once again) proved that hackers are able to take pictures using your webcam with the help of a browser. ...
10 Interesting Hi-Tech Kitchens
[28 May, 2013] comments (12)
Some of the most interesting futuristic kitchens (already available or concepts) are presented in this article. All of them can boast lots of useful features and it is possible that in the near future most home will be equipped with such kitchens. ...
10 Robotic Insects
[14 May, 2013] comments (1)
Check out some of the most interesting miniature robots that were inspired from real insects. They were developed to achieve various goals, from pure entertainment to spying. ...
10 Unusual Hi-Tech Guitars
[09 May, 2013] comments (3)
This is the list of some of the most impressive guitars developed using the latest technological innovations. Check them out. ...
Latest Invention: LG Unveils World's First Curved OLED TV
[30 Apr, 2013] comments (0)
LG says that it is going to become the world's first firm to begin commercializing the technology and that the first to obtain the Curved OLED TV in May will be people of South Korea. ...
Latest Invention: System that Performs Seamless Transmission of Data Between the Real and Virtual Worlds
[15 Apr, 2013] comments (0)
Engineers at Fujitsu Laboratories managed to come up with a new-gen user interface able to can accurately identify the position of the user's finger and what it is touching, to generate an interactive touchscreen-resembling system, with the help of objects in the real word. ...
Latest Invention: Lighty - Control Light Using Interactive Pen and User-Friendly Interface
[29 Mar, 2013] comments (0)
Meet a revolutionary lighting system called Lighty. It is composed of several robotic lights mounted on the ceiling. The user can control the lights' brightness and orientation using a special interface. ...
Cafe in Japan Makes 3D Printed Gummies of Yourself
[19 Mar, 2013] comments (0)
Tokyo's FabCafe scanned bodies of 9 men and created 3D printed gummies as gifts for the men's sweethearts. ...

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