App that Shows 3D Visualization of the Internet
[19 Mar, 2013] comments (0)
The PEER 1's application allows you to see a 3D map of the Internet. It also illustrates all of its autonomous systems around the globe (and their connections). ...
Latest Invention: DoorBot - Smart Doorbell that Allows You to Answer the Door Using Your Phone
[14 Mar, 2013] comments (0)
Check out the DoorBot - smart doorbell that can be easily connected to your smartphone via battery operated Wi-Fi video. The device alerts you when someone's at your door. ...
Latest Invention: Flat See-through Camera Integrated Into Display
[26 Feb, 2013] comments (0)
Today's laptops and smartphones have cameras that were initially created apart from the devices and were then integrated within them. But what if the camera was part of the display? Well, that could be possible in the near future. ...
Latest Invention: 3D Printing Tech to Help Build a House in 1 Day
[14 Feb, 2013] comments (0)
A group of designers and architects from Softkill Design decided to come up with a project that would allows setting up a house in just a day. ...
Chevy Camaro - Super Muscle Car Built for DreamWorks' Turbo
[09 Feb, 2013] comments (0)
If you ever watched batman movies, especially the old ones, where the hero's car was a sporty vehicle rather than a mix of Hummer and Lamborgini, then check out this Chevy Camaro. ...
Latest Invention: HealthSpot Station - Telepresence Kiosk as an Alternative to Doctor's Office
[28 Jan, 2013] comments (0)
The HealthSpot Station, developed by HealthSpot of Dublin, represents a telepresence kiosk created as an alternative to the conventional doctor's office. ...
Latest Invention: 110-inch Ultra-HD LED TV with Facial Recognition and Gesture Control Tech
[09 Jan, 2013] comments (0)

The Chinese firm Hisense at recently presented at the CES 2013 its new line of Ultra-LED (aka U-LED) XT900 televisions.

Latest Invention: Aeros Corporation Unveils New Airship Prototype
[05 Jan, 2013] comments (0)
Aeros Corporation, company with headquarters in California, has recently finished the creation of its airship proof-of-design sub-scale prototype. ...
Latest Invention: Roboy - Revolutionary Robot Toddler to Be Built in 9 Months
[30 Dec, 2012] comments (0)
A team of researchers from the University of Zurich's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) is currently working on a robot toddler dubbed Roboy. ...
Latest Invention: System Allows Taking Virtual Tours Around the World in Body of Another Person
[28 Dec, 2012] comments (0)
Having the goal of offering a much better sensory experience, experts at the Ikei Laboratory at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of System Design decided to work on what they called Virtual body technology. ...
Latest Invention: Electric Vehicle Covered with Pillows
[28 Dec, 2012] comments (0)
This vehicle might not really be the most advanced in terms of design, but it's an electric vehicle everyone would like to run into in case they're involved in an accident. ...
Latest Invention: KUBI - Low-Cost Telepresence System for Tablets
[13 Dec, 2012] comments (0)
Revolve Robotics has recently presented its new low-cost telepresence robot dubbed KUBI. The name of the invention from Japanese can be translated as neck. ...
Latest Invention: Micro Luggage - Suitcase and Scooter All-in-One
[06 Dec, 2012] comments (0)
Micro Mobility is a Swiss company that recently presented its latest invention called the Micro Luggage. ...
Latest Invention: Toshiba Builds New Robot for Inspecting Fukushima Nuclear Plant
[23 Nov, 2012] comments (0)
Recently the tech giant Toshiba has presented its four-legged inspection robot. The machine was built with the goal of performing works at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, location where people still are unable to go. ...
Latest Invention: DreamVendor 3D Printer Vending Machine Turns Ideas into Reality for Free
[21 Nov, 2012] comments (0)
Now students at Virginia Tech have the possibility to bring their ideas to reality. This is because the Virginia Tech's College of Engineering has installed the DreamVendor 3D printer vending machine, which is the work of Virginia Tech's DREAMS Lab. ...

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