Latest Invention: Thermite - Small Firefighting Robot
[05 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
Meet Thermite - a compact firefighting robot from Howe Technologies. Its creator Howe made the robot resemble a boat that stands on a tank. ...
Latest Invention: Video Chat Glasses that Generate a Real-Time Avatar
[04 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
Recently at CEATEC, Docomo presented its video chat glasses that portrait the user's face in real time, and afterwards generate a fully synchronized on-screen avatar in place of the image of actual person. ...
Latest Invention: Form 1 3D Printer Uses Laser Found in Blu-ray Players
[04 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
Usually expensive high-end 3D printers make use of a technology called stereolithography, but MIT researchers from Formlabs, a startup, managed to come up with a desktop 3D printer that uses the same technology. ...
Robot That Paints Your Sleep
[03 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
Ibis, a hotel chain decided to run a contest in which guests were offered a night with a machine. However, to prevent you from thinking about dirty stuff between a human and a robot it should be explained that the robot is used to turn your night's sleep into a painting. ...
Latest Invention: Researchers to Turn Telepresence Robots into Robocops
[02 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
Jeremy Robbins, a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, thought that today's telepresence robots could be used by police forces to help fight crime. ...
Latest Invention: FURO-K - Future Robot's New Kiosk Robot
[28 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
A company called Future Robot has presented a new service robot that can work as a friendly kiosk. ...
Latest Invention: World's Thinnest USB 3.0 External HDD from ADATA
[28 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
ADATA managed to outrun Toshiba in terms of developing the world's thinnest external HDD. The company's DashDrive Elite HE720 is just 8.9 mm thick (just a little bit thinner than Toshiba's device). ...
Latest Invention: Wall-Ye - Robot that Helps With the Vineyards
[28 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Dubbed Wall-Ye, the robot boasts lots of built-in memory, being able to remember each of the 600 individual vines it can examine each day. In addition, the machine is away of the parts it trimmed the last time around. ...
Latest Invention: Car Equipped with Projector Transforms Any Wall into Drive-in Theater
[28 Sep, 2012] comments (1)
By making use of a video projection system, the Smart ForStars sport utility coupe allows you to take the theater with you. The only thing you need to add is a flat vertical surface on which movies can be projected. ...
Latest Invention: Quick Food Radiation Testing Tech Examines Rice from Fukushima
[27 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
The latest creation from Fuji Electric is called the Food Radiation Testing System. It is able to quickly scan and estimate radioactive cesium levels by placing objects on a conveyor belt. ...
Artist Turns Digital Waste Into Sparkling Small Metropolises Inside Glass Coffee Tables
[27 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Benjamin Yates is a talented artist who recycles digital waste, including circuit boards, digital photo frames etc, to create beautiful coffee tables. ...
Latest Invention: Wearable Camera that Records Every Moment of Your Life
[26 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Autographer is a wearable camera that captures every moment of your life. The device simply hangs on your neck and automatically captures up to 2,000 high-resolution photographs per day, having 8GB of memory. ...
Latest Invention: Smarter Socks - System that Offers Detailed Data on Your Socks
[26 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Samy Liechti of Blacksocks has come up with a system that will help your socks stay organized. The Smarter Socks represents a detailed that tracks and records your socks' activity via RFID chip, a scanner and a smartphone application. ...
Latest Invention: Re-Feed - Compact Composter that Supplies Indoor Plants with Nutrients
[26 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Fanny Nilsson is a student who decided to come up with an invention for people living in urban areas. Her device is called Re-Feed and it represents an indoor composter that feeds your plants using liquid nourishment. ...
Latest Invention: Printrbot - Budget-friendly 3D Printer for Starters
[25 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Those who are just starting experimenting with 3D printing technology should check out the device created by Brook Drumm. ...

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