The Velopresso - Tricycle that Doubles as Mobile Coffee Shop
[25 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva are the two college students from the Royal College of Art, who came up with the Velopresso, a pedal-powered mobile coffee cart. ...
Jamy Toaster Informs About the Weather on Toasts
[25 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Nathan Brunstein is the designer behind the Jamy Toaster concept. His device uses Wi-Fi connectivity to inform the user about the weather. ...
Latest Invention: Energy-Efficient Fridge Without Doors
[24 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Ben de la Roche, a student at Massey University, decided to come up with a new type of refrigerator that doesn't have doors. It also turns off when it's empty. ...
LEGO Fan Creates Extremely Complex Machine
[24 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
A talented LEGO fan named Akiyuki was able to create a complex 100-foot long machine out of LEGO pieces. ...
Latest Invention: Robotic Cart that Searches for Sunlight to Help Houseplants Grow
[24 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Belgian sculptor Stephen Verstraete managed to create an ideal solution - he simply placed his houseplants on robotic carts that robotically search for the sun, cruising around the house. ...
Man Creates Comfortable Office Out of Old Bus Cabin
[24 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
A Hungarian man whose name remains unknown managed to create a cozy little office place from the bus cabin of an old Ikarus. ...
Cloud - Interactive Installation Composed of Over 6,000 Bulbs
[21 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
This beautiful art installation was created using more than 1,000 working lights and around 5,000 burnt-out bulbs. ...
Latest Invention: iMpulse Serves as Gaming and Media Controller, Key Finder
[21 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Meet the iMpulse, a device that plays multiple roles so you could carry fewer gadgets in your pockets, purses and the like. ...
Original Map of 5 Million Bicycle Journeys Across London
[21 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
This still picture represents a snapshot of 5 million bicycle trips in London and a useful map of the city's commuter hotspots. ...
Latest Invention: Makerbot Replicator 2 - Fast, Inexpensive Desktop 3D Printer
[20 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Recently Makerbot has announced the launch of its desktop 3D printer called The Replicator 2. The device allows users to print out sculptures at a resolution of 100 microns (about the thickness of a simple paper sheet). ...
Latest Invention: Smartphone-Controlled LIFX LEDs that Change Color
[20 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
San Francisco-based LIFX Labs decided to come up with new LIFX ("life-ex") LED bulbs that a person can remotely control using their smartphone. In addition, these bulbs can charge color. ...
McLaren P1 - Newest Supercar to Become the Company's Flagship
[20 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Meet McLaren P1, the successor of the company's F1 model. The firm recently released images of its latest supercar - a week before its official world premiere. ...
Latest Invention: Tape Dock Copies Data from Cassette Tapes to iPhone, iPod Touch, PC
[19 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
In case you have a rich collection of music but it is stored on cassette tapes then you might like this invention. Owners of iPhones and iPods have now the opportunity to digitize their music with the help of ION's Tape Dock. ...
Hyper-Matrix - Moving 3D Wall Unveiled in South Korea
[18 Sep, 2012] comments (0)
Created exclusively for the Hyundai Motor Group's Exhibition Pavilion, the amazing moving 3D display has huge walls of moving blocks that generate various patterns. ...
Latest Invention: Washit - Eco-Friendly Shower Unit and Washing Machine All-in-One
[18 Sep, 2012] comments (1)
Washit is a prototype developed by 4 students from Turkey. They decided it would be cool to create a shower unit that can accumulate and filter water that can then be used for washing clothes and showering. ...

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