Latest Invention: New Hover Bike from Aerofex
[23 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
Recently Aerofex decided to upload a series of videos that demonstrate test flights of its prototype hover bike that takes off and flies with the help of two large ducted rotors. ...
Logitech Introduces K310 - Washable Keyboard
[23 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
The latest creation of Logitech is a keyboard that can be easily washed and left out to dry without any damage to its functionality. ...
Latest Invention: DARPA's CAAT Vehicle Carries Enormously Large Cargo on Land and Water
[23 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
One of the latest inventions recently presented by DARPA is a tank-like CAAT (Captive Air Amphibious Transporter) vehicle that can be used for quick ship-to-shore missions. ...
Live2D - Technology that Creates 3D Animation Out of 2D Images
[23 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
Cybernoids, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, has recently presented Live2D, the world's first drawing technology that allows creating 3D animation out of 2D images. ...
Latest Invention: Honda Miimo - Autonomous Intelligent Robotic Lawn Mower
[22 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
In case you want to have a beautiful lawn all year round without having to waste your time mowing it than the latest innovation from Honda is for you. The tech company has recently presented its Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower. ...
Latest Invention: System That Turns Any Plant into Interface for Playing Music
[22 Aug, 2012] comments (1)
Meet Botanicus Interacticus, an interactive game developed by Disney Research. The most interesting thing about the game is that it makes use of a houseplant as a controller. ...
Staten Island Could House the World's Tallest Ferris Wheel
[20 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
A news report published in the Staten Island Advance, New York's third largest borough may soon attract more tourists with the world's largest Ferris wheel. ...
Service that Offers 3D Replica of Your Unborn Baby
[17 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
Fasotec together with Hiroo Ladies clinic, decided to provide a brand new service. Now clients have the opportunity to obtain 3D sculptures of their abdomen during pregnancy. ...
Latest Invention: Sandia Modular Robotic Hand Is the Most Realistic So Far
[17 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
DARPA teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories to come up with a new type of modular robot hand that closely mimics the movements of a human hand and at the same time is cost-effective. ...
Armless Man Builds DIY Bionic Arms for Himself
[17 Aug, 2012] comments (0)
After a homemade bomb exploded eight years ago, leaving Sun Jifa armless, the man decided to create a set of steel arms by himself and start a new life. ...
Robot Snake Moves Like a Real One
[27 Jul, 2012] comments (0)
A real snake is able to curl around a pole and turn individual parts of its body to climb that pole. One of the recent robotic developments is a robo-snake that can move just like the real thing. ...
3D Printer Used to Make Assault Rifle
[27 Jul, 2012] comments (0)
Using 3D printers is definitely a good thing, until you think that in the near future people will be able to print out real weapons. ...
Music Produced with a Webcam, Colored Water Droplets
[26 Jul, 2012] comments (0)
The goal of the Audible Colors project is to create music based on colors selected by the user's webcam. ...
Aegis Parka - Jacket that Warns and Protects from Air Pollutants
[24 Jul, 2012] comments (0)
A team of designers from Nieuwe Heren has recently unveiled its latest prototype: a jacket dubbed Aegis Parka that can sense and provide protection from pollutants in the air that are rather common for bid cities. ...
Android 4.0-Powered Smart TV Box
[24 Jul, 2012] comments (0)
The Japanese telecommunication company KDDI has recently announced a cable TV set top box powered by Android 4.0. ...

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