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InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of December 2009


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"InfoNIAC Presents" is where we present you short descriptions of the top 10 latest inventions published on each month. In this article you can read about the top 10 latest inventions described on our website in December 2009. You are also welcome to vote for your favorite invention.

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1. Storage Battery that Powers Your Home for a Week

This latest invention was presented after Panasonic bought over 50% shares of Sanyo. Its storage battery is made for home use and can gather enough energy to provide electricity for a week. Read more…

2. Motorized Knee That Helps You Run Faster

The motorized knee was developed by engineers at the Tsukuba University in Japan. This invention can be attached to the knee and help a person run faster while using less muscle power. Although the device could be used to help people with some physical disabilities, the researchers did not provide any information on the knee's medical purposes. Read more…

3. Device that Collects Solar Energy to Power Electronic Contact Lenses

Scientists from Stanford decided to use the light, which penetrates human eye and makes us see things, to generate electricity that is used to power electronic contact lenses and other devices that are implanted into eyes. The device that collects energy represents a tiny implant measuring 3mm in width and being 30 micrometers thick. Read more…

4. Bionic Fingers that Allow Holding Fragile Objects

Scientists from Touch Bionics are the authors of this invention. The device from the British researchers can help people with amputated fingers pick up glasses and hold cutlery. Read more…

5. Portable Solar-powered Fridge

This refrigerator was developed to help people who live in remote regions of Kenya. It can be used to transport and store vaccines and other medicines. The device can be mounted on a camel and be brought to areas which lack special equipment for keeping medicines. Read more…

6. Bicycle Wheel 2.0. that Gathers Kinetic Energy

Developed by scientists from MIT, the Bluetooth-enabled bicycle wheel makes use of incorporated sensors to help riders keep track of their friends, fitness and traffic. Researchers named their latest invention the Copenhagen Wheel. Another advantage of the wheel is its ability to collect and store kinetic energy. Read more…

7. Color-shifting Contact Lenses That Notify Diabetics of Low/High Glucose Level

This invention was developed by a biochemical engineer at the University of Western Ontario. The hydrogen contact lenses represent an efficient and non-invasive way of analyzing the level of sugar in the blood. By using the implanted nanoparticles, the contact lenses can change colors, thus notifying the person about the increase of lowering of the level of glucose in the blood. Read more…

8. 3D Bio-printer that Can Produce Human Organs

Created by researchers from Australia and California, the 3D bio-printer can be used to fabritate human organs and tissue. Read more…

9. Hummingbird Robot that Could Help Save People

The robot was developed by a Japanese scientist. It can remain in the air by using fast wing movements, flapping them at a speed of 30 times per second. The device features a tiny motor and four wings, and could be used to save people trapped in ruins, search for criminals and serve as an exploration vehicle on Mars. Read more…

10. Solar Panels that Collect Energy Using Both Sides

This is the product that was created as a result of collaboration between Sanyo Canada Inc and AVACOS Solar Energy. The HIT Double bifacial solar PV modules can generate renewable energy from both sides of a photovoltaic panel. Thus these modules raise the level of energy produced by 30% compared to custom single-sided PV modules. Read more…

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