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Instep NanoPower - Charge Your Handset While Jogging


In the near future you will have the possibility to charge your cell phone or other portable devices with the help of your sneakers.

Tom Krupenking and Ashley Taylor designed a device called the Instep Nanopower that can be fitted in sneakers to generate electricity by harnessing kinetic power. The power that has been gathered with the help of the Instep can be then used to charge gadgets.

It is worth mentioning that the two inventors were inspired by electro wetting. By making use of the reverse of this process they were able to come up with the invention.

The due used a liquid metal called Gallinstan. When the user walks the process harnesses the electrical current generated when the small droplets of metal are moving. The faster a person moves, the faster is the motion of the droplets and thus more power is produced.

With the help of a Wi-Fi connection the energy can be sent to any phone that has Bluetooth. According to the inventors a runner will be able to produce between 1 and 10 watts of energy.

Currently the reverse-electro wetting process invented by Krupenking and Taylor is just a concept, but the two formed a firm called Instep Nanopower and are now in search of investors.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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