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Intel Atom Used to Power Controls in Supersonic Vehicle


You can find Atom processors from Intel almost everywhere, including netbooks and smartphones. Recently it was unveiled that Intel's Atom processor is used in the Bloodhound SSC, a rocket-powered supersonic vehicle that was built to break the speed barrier of 1,000 mph.

Inside the supersonic car Atom processors are used to power the vehicle's advanced engine controls and driver information screens that offer important data to the driver.

The engineers say that a constant flow of data is vital for the Bloodhound Project. The information will help the driver safely navigate the car.

The small winglets (shown in the video below) found above the wheels are fully dynamic trimmers that make small adjustments in less than a second. They are there to keep constant wheel load up to Mach 1.4, informs TGDaily.

Here are other specifications of the vehicle:

  • - Wheelbase - 8.9 meters;
  • - Overall length - 12.8 meters;
  • - Car weight - 6,422 kg;
  • - Height - 2808 mm;
  • - Fuel capacity - 500 liters.
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