Thursday, 29 Mar, 2007 Technology

Intel officials go to Taiwan


The president and Chief Executive Officer of Intel, Paul Otellini, looks forward to visit Taiwan today. According to Intel Taiwan, his goal is to meet the partners of the company. This will be the first time that Paul Otellini visits Taiwan as Intel's CEO.

While in Taiwan Mr. Otellini will have a close-door meeting with the company's partners. The meeting will start in the morning of March 29. According to Intel Taiwan the visit of Intel's president and CEO was scheduled by the company's United States headquarters and it will last only one day.

There is no information regarding the companies that Paul Otelliny is going to meet. Due to the fact that Intel's CEO won't remain in Taiwan for a long period of time he does not plan to make a public appearance.

The last time that Paul Otellini visited Taiwan was September of 2004. At that time he was the COO and the president of the company. He was promoted to the position of CEO in 2005.

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