Monday, 22 Nov, 2010 Technology

Intel to Create 1,000-Core Processor


The current prototype Intel chip features 48 cores, but in the near future it could be turned into a 1,000-core processor.

Intel researcher Timothy Mattson mentioned that the architecture for the company's prototype chip is "arbitrarily scalable."

"This is an architecture that could, in principle, scale to 1,000 cores, [Because] I can just [simply] keep adding, adding, adding cores," Mattson was quoted as saying during the Supercomputer 2010 conference.

At the same time Matson reminded that if over 1,000 cores are added, the diameter of the on-chip network that links the cores would surpass the optimal size parameters, which could negatively influence the performance.

For more information regarding Intel's Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) click here.

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