Monday, 26 Jul, 2010 Technology

Intel Unveils Touchscreen Kiosk


This touchscreen cash register from Intel was made using metal, plastic and glass.

According to Ryan Parker, director of marketing and architecture, the device provides a number of useful features for online shopping, including recommendations, history and easy check-out to retail stores

After a person swipes a card or slides a product across the display, the price and payment options show up on the screen, one of the options being payment via cell phone.

Besides scanning products, the kiosk provides information on other products that the customer might be interested in, offering a snapshot of the recommended products.

It is worth mentioning that the heart of the kiosk is Intel's Core2Duo processors. The device also makes use of a solid state drive that increases the speed of the system. In addition, the drive allows the kiosk to consume much less energy compared to existing cash registers, reports Wired.

Intel mentioned that retailers can choose the pieces that they want to use in their own cash registers, instead of acquiring the whole thing from the company.

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