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Internet Giant Launches Online Flu Shot Finder Tool


This week Google released a new online tool that can track down the locations where people can get vaccinations against A(H1N1) as well as seasonal influenza in the U.S.

The new service is available at It is worth mentioning that Google's new online tool will also be available at and websites of the American Lung Association.

According to a message written by Roni Zeiger and Jennifer Haroon of Google in a blogpost, the current project is currently in its first stage, with more information about flu shots locations to come. They say that Google receives very little information on these locations. "Especially given slower than expected vaccine production, we think it's important to bring together flu shot information in a coherent manner," the message says.

Last month the California-based company expanded its flu-tracking tool, with 16 more nations being added. The tool examines local patterns in search results in order to identify the spread of the H1N1 virus and influenza. Google Flu Trends includes Russia, Japan and countries from Europe. In addition, the Internet giant provides the information at in 37 languages.

After launching the tool in November 2008, Google managed to expand Flu Trends to feature such countries as Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand. The tool estimates the number of flu-related results on its search engine and offers estimates regarding influenza outbreaks in respective locations.

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