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Intricate Guitars Created Using 3D Printing


Olaf Diegel is a Professor of Mechtronics at Massey University's School of Engineering & Advanced Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Recently he unveiled his beautiful Scarab and Spider electric guitars that were created using 3D printing technology.

According to Diegel the core of guitars from the gallery are composed of solid nylon, or aluminum-filled nylon. However, his latest design features a core made out of wood, thus a better control of the resonance and tone is achieved. In addition, wood allows the designer to customize not only the looks of the guitar but also its sound.

With the help of EOS Formiga P100 selective laser sintering system, Diegel is able to come up with the Polyamide 2200 or Alumide body in a single piece.

His Spider guitar features several ODD arachnids placed across its web-like lattice. In addition, the designer placed a lot of flowers and some insects that hang from the vines of the Scarab. According to Diegel, a number of other designs are to be produced as well.

The developer says: "What makes the technology so great is that we can print all the insects, and intricate detail, inside the guitar bodies all in one piece together with the body." This means that there is no need to assemble anything

Each guitar created by Diegel will boast a unique design for every customer. The models will most likely wear price tags ranging between $3,000 and $5,000.

[via Ponoko]

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