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Inventor Builds LEGO Version of the Google Street View Car


This cute little LEGO Street Car is a prototype model of the Google Street View vehicle. The car was built by Mark Crosbie. It includes a GPS sensor, a tough chassis and 4 cameras that take pictures.

In addition, the small manually-controlled LEGO Street View car features NXT Motor for steering, NXTBeee to transmit telemetry (Battery level, GPS Coordinates) to a receiver and PSPNx to get commands from any PSP controller. The latter captures a picture and log GPS coordinates, latitude and longitude from dGPS.

NXT produces a file in KML format in the flash file system which is afterwards uploaded to computer. After you open the file in Google Earth, you can see the path that the vehicle traveled and view the pacemarks for each image captured. The images can bee observed by clicking on the pacemark.

[via The NXT STEP]

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