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Ion Audio Unveils the Book Saver Book Scanner


With the help of its digital conversion technology, Ion Audio, managed to develop a device that can be used to scan a 200-page paper book and in about 15 minutes convert it into a format supported by eBook readers.

Dubbed the Book Saver Book Scanner, the device allows creating a huge digital library that can be easily stored on a computer, tablet PC or eReader that you can take anywhere.

It is worth mentioning that the Book Saver Book Scanner represents a construction composed of an angled cradle (in which a book or magazine is placed) and an upper frame onto which 2 cameras are attached. The cameras point at each page and both have built-in flash. The frame is place on top of the publication that is found in the cradle.

To digitize a book the user simply needs to take a snap of each page with a push of a button and then lift the frame to turn the page.

All information is stored onto an SD card which can be connected to a computer or inserted into an SD card slot on some eReaders.

It is said that the device can capture a two-page digital representation in a second, whereas other similar gadgets needs about 7 seconds.

Check out the video below to see the device in action.

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