Thursday, 15 Mar, 2012 Technology

iPhone Case that Looks Like Real Japanese Classic Camera


Adplus, Japanese company that focuses on the import and export of cameras, as well as on producing camera equipments, decided to combine a camera and an iPhone. The company came up with an iPhone case that boasts close resemblance with a classic Leica camera.

Dubbed Gizmon iCA, the all-black "military" model is today available for order worldwide. However, the case not only looks nice. It is composed of 32 separate polycarbonate parts. In addition, you will also find a proper shutter button for the handset, an optical finder and a mount for extra conversion lenses over the phone's lens.

Currently you can order a 4.0x macro lens and 180° fisheye. However, Gizmon (the original brand of Adplus co, Ltd.,) looks forward to launching a wide range of accessories such as a mini-tripod and leather case.

The Gizmon iCA is available in white, black and orange over silver. You can buy it for $65 (GBP41, EUR50).

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