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IPod Fans May Face Jail If Spotted With Pirated Music


IPod Fans May Face Jail If Spotted With Pirated MusicAustralian Customs might soon start checking possessors of iPods for pirated music. Those who will have a large amount of pirated material could face jail. The unprecedented measures, which also include searches of MP3 players and laptops, were unveiled in a discussion paper, which is related to a treaty that is currently being discussed by the Federal Government. The treaty proposes criminal sanctions for violations on a commercial scale.

According to Peter Coroneos, Internet Industry Association CEO, the results of such searches may lead to arrests of pop and rock fans that have tons of songs in their players. He says that people may inadvertently face jail for commercial piracy.

"It talks about (sanctions for) commercial infringements does that mean one, 10, 20 or 1000 songs? It could be that people get sent to jail for being in possession of commercial-scale quantities of copied music," said Mr Coroneos.

Source: NewsDaily

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