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Latest Invention: iPoint 3D Allows Using Fingers and Hands as a Remote Control


With the help of iPoint 3D users are free to communicate with a 3D monitor with the help of simple gestures. There is no need to either touch the monitor or use 3D glasses or a data glove.

The iPoint 3D will be presented at CeBIT in the period between March 3 and 8 by scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. Anyone will have the ability to see the latest invention of HHI scientists in Hall 9, Stand B36.

The main feature of the iPoint 3D is its recognition device, which measures almost like a common keyboard. One can easily suspend the device from a ceiling or ingeniously integrate it in a coffee table. User's hands and fingers are identified in real time by two incorporated FireWire cameras that transmit the collected data to a computer, explains Paul Chojecki, a research scientist at the HHI.

Besides being a great device for gamers, the iPoint 3D can also prove to be rather practical in office or an operating room in a hospital. It may also serve as a part of an interactive data system, reports the official website of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft , Europe's largest organization for applied research.

"Since the interaction is entirely contactless, the system is ideal for scenarios where contact between the user and the system is not possible or not allowed, such as in an operating room," says Chojecki.

The latest invention from HHI scientists can thus be used as an instrument of controlling other tools. For example, if a person, who kneads pastry, has their fingers coated in dough, the boiling potatoes can be turned down by a simple wave of a finger. Another example could be an architect, who can examine a set of building drawings by using different gestures to see all angles of the construction, using fingers as a remote control.

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