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Italian Designers Propose Social Bike Sharing System


In the near future it would be possible to share the bike along with your experience with Internet users. Currently the GloBike system is just a concept, but it can have a great future.

The initial idea was to support the cultural exchange among people from various communities by using a special online portal. Because bicycle represents one of the most famous eco-friendly means of transport the designers decided to include it in their project.

The new bikes can transmit information on their current location to the Globike portal. Users can use the system to access the portal and call the nearest bicycle for their use.

The system features two parts that allow the user to navigate, share and chat - one is the hardware part, represented by a device featuring a NFC chip installed on the bicycle and the other part is the web portal.

It is worth mentioning that the system represents an updated version of Freecycle, which was developed by Massimo Brugnera, Alessandro Brunello and Cristiano Giuggioli. Globike involved the cooperation of these designers with Milan-based Cristiano Giuggioli, who specializes in industrial design and 3D modeling.

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