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Italo - New 350MPH Train from Ferrari


Ferrari decided to team up with SNCF, a French rail company, to create a new train able to reach high speeds.

Last Friday the Italo, also called the "Ferrari Train" made its debut in Rome. It is expected that Italo will serve as an alternative to air travel. The train will boast leather seats in "Smart" class on the road from Rome to Milan. The distance that measures 360 miles Italo is expected to cover in just about 2 hours.

For $480 a customer will be able to travel first class, spending the travel time in dedicated cellphone-free cars.

The train is also equipped with power sockets and tunnel-proof Internet connectivity. In addition, a number of trains will include dedicated "cinema cars" that will allow travelers to watch movies on huge screens.

In comparison with other trains, the Italo is lighter, quieter, safer, it boasts more efficiency, and is 98 percent recyclable.

[via NTV]

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