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iTree - World's Biggest iPhone and iPod Dock Station


A design house from Austria managed to come up with the world's largest iPhone and iPod dock station called the iTree.

Designers from KMKG STUDIO made their dock station using a simple tree trunk. They installed high-end speakers in its back so they would point towards a wall. This, according to designers, offers the listener "voluminous yet defined acoustic spatial experience," and the wood resonates the same way as a piano or violin does.

The iTree dock station was created together with Trenner & Friedl, a company that focuses on manufacturing speakers. Currently the company offers its iPhone and iPod dock station made of cherry, poplar or spruce. At the same time, designers say that they can make the dock out of any tree trunk brought by the user, determining its size and the technology that is to be included.

Besides being compatible with the iPhone and iPod, the dock station also incorporates wireless LAN streaming technology developed by ARCAM, a British manufacturer of hi-fi equipment with headquarters in Waterbeach Cambridgeshire, England, UK. The customer can also ask for a CD player input or even a vinyl turntable to be fitted in the device.

It is worth mentioning that each iTree represents a one-of-a-kind creation, which is why the company set a rather high price that starts at EUR 11,000 ($14,982). KMKG STUDIO can also offer additional features such as making the dock compatible with the iPad.

[via KMKG]

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