Wednesday, 23 Feb, 2011 Technology

Japanese Firm Organizes Marathon for Robots


Vstone, Japanese firm based in Osaka, decided to organize the world's first marathon for machines. The rules are simple, small mechanical robots have to run 42 kilometers (26 miles) on a 100 meters track, thus in order to complete the task they have to make 422 laps.

Some of the bipedal robots are autonomous, while others are remote-controlled. Due to the fact that these little machines have a somewhat shorter stride than the average runner some of the fastest will travel the distance in not less than 4 hours.

The event is called the Robot Marathon, or Robo Mara, and it will be opened for 3 days starting February 24th at 10am (Japan time).

Those who do not have the opportunity to visit Osaka can watch the marathon online via robot-maker Vstone's Ustream channel.

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