Friday, 27 Aug, 2010 Technology

Japanese Researchers Unveiled World's First Touchable 3D Television System


A team of Japanese researchers recently announced that it had managed to create the world's first 3D TV system that makes it possible for the viewers to touch, pinch or poke pictures that float in front of them.

According to Norio Nakamura, senior scientist and one of the members of the team from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, it is for the first time that users can actually feel pictures in the air.

"You can have the sense of touch like poking a rubber ball or stretching a sticky rice cake," he said.

Nakamura explained that the technology alters the shape of 3D images when someone "touches" them, using cameras that monitor how a user's fingers move.

So far it is unknown whether the device will ever be put to practical use. However, the researchers say that their invention could be used in the medical field, for example to simulate surgical operations, and in the gaming field, to allow players to experience the feeling of holding various weapons or sports equipment, informs Physorg.

In addition, the technology could be used to supplement realities by making use of scanned pictures. "This technology could create a virtual museum where visitors, including vision-impaired people, can put their hands on valuable sculptures that are usually untouchable," said Nakamura.

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