Wednesday, 10 Jun, 2009 Technology

Japanese Scientists Unveil a Robot that Cooks Pancakes


Japan has already amazed the pubic with its achievements in the robotic field such as robots that can sing, do modeling or household chores. Recently Japanese researchers presented another robot that can cook pancakes.

The machine was dubbed The Motoman SDA10 and it was presented at the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition, held in Tokyo, where it actually showed its abilities of cooking traditional Japanese flour pancakes.

The first step involved stirring all required ingredients. Then the robot poured butter on to a cooking pan that was already heated. During the next step the robot turned the okonomiyaki (pancakes) over using spatulas and finally served the pancakes.

When everything is served, Okonomiyaki Robot asks you what sauces and condiments you prefer with the pancakes. The robot itself represents a dexterous dual-arm industrial machine and it was created by Toyo Riki Co, a robot-making company with headquarters in Osaka. The Motoman SDA10 is 4.5ft tall, and weights 480lb. The company's idea was to create a machine that would operate independently next to humans in the workplace.

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