Monday, 21 Mar, 2011 Technology

Japanese Students Use Fog Screen and Pico Projectors to Produce a 3D Image


With the help of 3 Pico projectors, a group of students from the Osaka University, Japan, managed to generate a 3D bunny on a fog screen.

It is worth mentioning that the three-dimensional bunny is an image with 360-degree viewing and makes use of the property of holography.

Each of the three Pico projectors was used to create one of the bunny's parts. The first projector create the limbs, the second was projected the torso, while the third one produced the head.

The three images were then combined to obtain a whole image of he bunny. Both, the fog and the Pico projectors focused on the same area to create a floating hologram.

According to the team, they can increase the size of the 3D image by making a larger fog screen. The latter can be achieved if more projectors are used, reports Geeky-Gadgets.

In addition, the group said that their development could in the near future be applied in the fields of healthcare and entertainment.

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