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Japanese Toilets Now Have Video Games and Digital Ads


Toilets in Japan have already become famous due to numerous innovations used in their production, including computerized control panels. However, Sega decided to come up with a totally unique feature, never before used in a toilet. The company mounted urine-controlled games in Tokyo urinals.

During the trial period (which will end this month), the citizens of Japan's capital can not only spend a penny but also play one of the four games installed in the new "Toylets".

The goal of the project is to analyze people's response to digital ads. It is worth mentioning that each urinal features a pressure sensor and a small digital display. The latter is fitted at the eye level. The adverts are shown after the games.

One of the games is called "Graffiti Eraser" in which a person should aim the pressure sensor in order to erase virtual graffiti seen on the display.

Another video game is called "Mannekin Pis" (the name comes from the famous Brussels fountain illustrating a urinating boy) which estimates the volume of the person's stream.

The third game is entitled "The North Wind and The Sun and Me." In this game the stronger is the user's urine stream, the more the skirt of a virtual girl gets blown up by a digital wind, reports Physorg.

Finally there's a game called "Splashing Battle!" in which the user should beat the stream strength record of the person that used the urinal before that.

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