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Japan Demonstrates K Computer - World's Fastest Supercomputer to Date


Guests of the 26th International Supercomputing Conference, which took place in Hamburg, Germany, were able to witness a new supercomputer that topped the TOP500 supercomputers.

The machine was developed by two Japanese companies, RIKEN and Fujitsu that are still working on their machine dubbed "K Computer".

According to the HPCI (High-Performance Computing Infrastructure) plan, proposed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the two companies are going to work on increasing the supercomputer's capability.

It is worth mentioning that the machine will be equipped with more than 800 computer racks, each rack featuring superfast and energy-efficient CPUs. So far the still-to-be developed device boasts 672 computer racks with 68,544 CPUs.

The K Computer reached the top spot after showing a performance of 8.162 petaflops and that was at the configuration stage. RIKEN and Fujitsu are currently working on several modifications that will allow the supercomputer to register a speed of 10 petaflops, reports Japancorp.

After all modifications are made, the machine will be used in research and development of processors, global climate, disasters prevention and in the field of medicine. According to RIKEN and Fujitsu, the K Computer will be ready by November 2012.

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