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Amazon Presents Kindle 2 Digital Book Reader


The popular online retailer Amazon.com has recently presented an improved version of its digital book reader - new slimmer Kindle 2 . The company's latest invention features more storage and it turns pages faster. However, the price of the device remained unchanged - $359.

The online retailer improved the design of the gadget and prolonged its battery life by 25 percent. In addition, Kindle 2 digital book reader has a bigger memory (2GB), thus making it possible to hold a larger number of books (over 1,500). The device can go for 5 days on a single charge with wireless turned on and for two whole weeks if wireless is turned off.

According to analysts, about 500,000 units of Amazon's latest invention in technology were sold in 2008. Besides, Kindle 2 was sold out over Christmas. The company said that its new gadget is available for preorder and it will ship from Feb. 24. Kindle digital book reader is still available only in the United States.

"We are looking internationally and we know that customers are looking forward to getting their hands on a Kindle but we have no announcement to make at this time," a spokesman for Amazon in London stated.

Amazon's Kindle 2 has a new feature dubbed "Read-to-Me", which can convert words that are written on a page into spoken words, thus allowing user to choose between reading and listening. Users have the ability to switch from reading to listening and vice-versa and their mark is automatically saved, reports Times Online.

"Pages turn automatically while the content is being read so customers can listen hands-free. Users can choose a male or female voice to read to them and choose a speed," said Amazon.

According to the company, its latest invention features a new five-way controller, which gives users the possibility to leap between articles and sections of newspapers. In addition, the power charger of Kindle 2 is more portable and the cover of the device makes it safer.

It is worth mentioning that Kindle is a device that for the first time was launched by Amazon in 2007. The gadget allows reading books and newspapers wirelessly. It also helps users to wirelessly download magazines, personal documents and newspapers. It can store over 230,000 books, including the majority of NYT bestsellers. The device's main competitor is Sony Reader that is sold in the United States for $400. Besides having the ability to hold up to 350 books, the device of the Japanese giant can play MP3 and AAC digital music.

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