Wednesday, 19 Jan, 2011 Technology

Kinect-Controlled Robot Moves Its Arms and Legs and Allows You to See the World with Its Eyes


Last year someone hacked a Microsoft Kinect controller to be able to power the arms of a small human-shaped android. The enterprising hacker is Watani Yohizaki of Asura Engineering decided to go further and used the technology to power not only a robot's arms but legs as well.

He managed to develop the whole control system from scratch (without making use of the previous effort). However, his code relies on the company's V-Sido software.

The key feature of the new improvement lies in the fact that the code allows the robot to automatically regulate its motions in order not to fall (the center of gravity is calculated in real-time).

In addition, it is possible to add cameras to the robot's head, so the user could see the world through the eyes of the small machine, reports FastCompany.

Below you can see the HPI GR-001 'bot in action.

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