Thursday, 19 Jul, 2012 Technology

Kinect Hack Allows Using Your Body Movements to Produce Music and Lights


There hasn't been a Kinect hack for some time and the V Motion Project decided to solve the problem.

The latest hack represents a motion-based synthesizer that allows the user to produce interactive music with impressive visuals in real-time with their body motions.

It is worth mentioning that the V Motion Project was designed and brought to life by Jeff Nusz, Joel Little, James Hayday, Paul Sanderson Mike Delucci, Matt von Trott, Jonny Kofoed, Josh Cesan and Zoe Macintosh.

By mixing BiKinect and Ableton Live audio software, developers were able to map body movements to different controls.

Check out the video below to see how one can control different instruments with Kinect.

[via Custom-Logic]

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