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KUKA Robot Creates Wax Sculptures by Listening to Music


Hermann Weizenegger, Studio NAND and MADE in Berlin came up with a very interesting project entitled Valse Automatique. The project involves a KUKA robot that builds sculptures of wax based on the music played by violinist Mihalj "Miki" Kekenj.

Here's how it works: the violinist plays an original waltz, and the robot analyzes the music and mills a wax sculpture in real time. Then KUKA finishes the work using a flashy torching from a Bunsen burner.

It is worth mentioning that the robot creates unique sculptures.

"We have built a set of rules into the process of abstraction which makes it repeatable and thus in principle re-translatable," says Stephan Thiel from Studio NAND. Stephan was the person behind most of the software that allows KUKA to interpret the music. "Thus, we don’t see the objects as abstractions, rather as transformations or visualizations", he added.

Nevertheless Thiel says that this approach is still at the beginning of its journey, with a lot of various developments awaiting it in the future. For example the robot could create objects that represent some of the most famous classical compositions.

[via Creative Applications]

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