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Large Digital Data Wall Unveiled at IBM THINK Exhibit


IBM has recently opened one of the largest interactive technology exhibits in New York City. Marking its 100th anniversary, the IBM Think Exhibit was set up in Lincoln Center to explore the technological development of the country and show the future possibilities. One can observe numerous videos, touchscreen maps and smartphone apps that illustrate how the world works and how can people improve it.

However, the most impressive feature of the Think Exhibit is the huge digital Data Wall that extends 123 feet (37.5 meters) outside the parking garage on Columbus Avenue. The wall shows in real-time information on the surrounding area. Viewers have the possibility to see the traffic data on Broadway, the information regarding the use of solar power on the Upper West Side, and even the level of air quality across Manhattan.

All-in-all the Data Wall illustrates how we use of the world around us, and delivers ideas on the myriad of possibilities for changes to be made.

Within the wall there are 40 media panels, each being 7 foot tall. Each display shows a 12 minute clip on how people developed technology over the past century. After running the small video, the panels turn into interactive learning instrument for the onlookers, who can study the history of information tracking and exploration starting with the earliest topographical maps and up to the latest supercomputer databases.

Besides, the interactive panels on the digital wall reveal technological sensors that are used now to estimate our production, consumption, travel, and more. People also have the possibility to watch interviews with famous people from the IBM Think Forum in New York like the King of Jordan, and the Presidents of Mexico and the Philippines.

It is worth mentioning that the IBM Think Exhibit opened its doors on September 23rd and will run until October 23rd. It can be found at the Lincoln Center parking garage on Jaffe Drive.

[via IBM]

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