Wednesday, 14 Apr, 2010 Technology

Large Multi-Touch Floor Display Allows Using Your Feet to Surf Through Applications


With an increasing popularity of touchscreen technology and the multitude possibilities it offers to users, manufacturers continuously try to make use of it and create something that would catch the attention of the tech savvy customers.

First there were tablets and touchscreen smartphones and then came tabletops. All of them have one main limitation - their size. To solve the issue, a group of people headed by the human-computer interaction professor Patrick Baudisch decided to create the multi-touch floor display which opens the door to a huge number of possibilities.

The multi-touch floor display can detect pressure and identify users based on the soles of their shoes. The device has high-resolution multi-touch built into the back-projected floors. It allows people to interact with high precision using their feet, informs the Hasso Plattner Institute.

Users can use the floor to type texts with the help of a QWERTY keyboard that appears on the display. Make sure to check out the video below.

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