Thursday, 03 Jun, 2010 Technology

Laser Harps Presented at Tokyo Exhibition


The laser harps gained a huge popularity due to Jean Michel Jarre concerts and after being described in one of the latest editions of Make Magazine.

Recently Japanese inventor, known under the nickname "nameless911," decided to create his own laser harps and present the invention at a school exhibition.

For his laser harp he used an aluminum frame system. The construction became light and portable.

His laser harp was officially presented in a dark room at the Tokyo Make Meeting.

It would be interesting to note that another Japanese inventor, Wu Ming, developed a laser harp as well, presenting it in the main exhibition hall. Though boasting a nice design, the harp did not sound as clearly as the laser harp developed by nameless 911.

Below you can check out the two laser harps and a number of other interesting creations unveiled at Make.

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