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Latest Invention: 100GB Re-writable Blu-ray Disc from Panasonic


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Recently Panasonic has announced the launch of its re-writable Blu-ray discs.

The company named its invention the LM-BE100J BDXL.

Each disc is composed of three layers and covered with scratch resistant coating.

The most impressive part, however, is the capacity of a disc. The Panasonic's invention can hold up to 100 gigabytes of information at a time.

At the same time it would be worth noting that the discs will only run on devices that are compatible with the Blu-ray-RW's, like those made by Pioneer and Buffalo.

Another drawback is the price - each disc will have a price tag of $120. It is worth mentioning that Panasonic's new product will hit the Japanese stores on April 15th, reports Physorg

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